Jarel Davidow, Artistic Director

NYC EPAs:  April 17th & 18th


9:30 am - 5:30 pm

  • lunch break 1:00  pm - 2:00 pm


Actors Equity Audition Center
165 West 46th Street
16th Floor
New York City


This is an Equity Principal Audition

- An Equity monitor will run all aspects of these auditions.


  • Sides will be provided at the audition

  • Please have a headshot and resume.

Any questions, please email:


Seeking actors for the following roles:




Written by Jack Neary
Directed by Jarel Davidow

Show runs July 20th - Sept 1st
  > First Rehearsal:  June 28th



Character Breakdown:  This is a memory play, as told by Brian. In a series of fast-moving flashbacks, two actors will play their respective characters as kids, teens and young adults. Both actors must be funny and facile with character work.

  • Brian Dowd: 25 years old. Awkward and geeky – bit of a “Howdy Doody” type. Although he is smart and funny, he always gets nervous and tongue-tied around Beth Finnegan, his lifelong, unrequited crush. Brian is our narrator and must be comfortable telling his story directly to the audience.
  • Beth Finnegan: 24 years old. Smart, kind, astute and self-assured, even as a kid. She has always been aware of Brian’scrush on her. Must play a ukulele in the show (easy instrument to learn).




Written by Norm Foster
Directed by Jarel Davidow


Show runs Sept 14th - Oct 13th
  > First Rehearsal:  Aug 23rd


Character Breakdown:

  • Max Trueman: 40's. Trial lawyer with a strong personality – neat; fastidious. Knows what he likes and expects other people to like thesame things. Doesn’t suffer fools lightly.

  • Wynn Trueman: 40's.  A psychologist who can’t leave her work in the office. She can’t help but analyze everyone in her life. She literally wrote the book on relationships and cannot wait to impart her wisdom onto her friends.

  • Roger Nash: 40's. A neurotic, aspiring writer and nebbish. Always concerned with what other people think of him. Can’t let things go and hates to be slighted.

  • Abby Nash: 40's. Very passive aggressive. She seems to like her husband Roger and her best friend Wynn, but can’t help but criticize everyone. Secretly having a passionate affair with Max.